Sony Phone Services

Sony mobile was first introduced as Sony Ericsson mobiles in 2002. Later on, it became Sony mobiles. Then they introduced their first smartphone Sony Xperia in the year 2008. Sony has a lot of experience as a mobile phone manufacturer. Sony had a large number of users when Sony Ericsson mobile phones were introduced. But as they started making huge developments and added new features into their smartphones the cost of the phone grew higher and the sales went down so is the customers. They use high-quality materials and components for their mobile phones that’s one reason for their expensive products. Sony mobiles had many complaints and issues, some of the problems are:

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  • Heating problem,
  • Charging complaint,
  • Battery issues,
  • Mic not working,
  • Speaker not working,
  • IMEI rating,
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection problems,
  • Logo only,
  • Keypad not working,
  • Touch complaints,
  • Display lines and glass is broken,
  • Handset hanging issues,
  • Automatic power off,
  • Software issues and so on,

All of these complaints can be resolved at our service center. We have an expert technician working on Sony phones for the past 7 years. Many Sony model mobile phones genuine spare parts are available in our service center. We also have the latest screen replacement technology for almost all the latest model sony mobile phones. This screen replacement will save your money by changing the glass but not the display. So you will still have the original display quality and newly replaced glass. If you have any problems or questions regarding your phone please contact us.

Sony Phone Services
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