Lenovo and Motorola Phone Services

Lenovo phones made their entry into the smartphone market in 2012. Lenovo has joined hands with Motorola in 2014 and branding their phones under the Motorola brand name. This is their strategy to compete in the modern world of the smartphone era. Motorola was the first company to develop a mobile phone in 1973. Motorola was a huge success back in the ’90s. Many million units of mobile phones were sold within the year 2005. But even the latest models had many major complaints which reduced their sales. Most common problems that are seen in Lenovo and Motorola handsets are:

image of screen replace
Broken Screen Fix
  • Software update issues,
  • Touch complaints,
  • Network issues,
  • Logo only,
  • Automatic power-off problem,
  • IMEI rating,
  • Display Lines,
  • Glass is broken,
  • Water Damage,
  • Buttons not working,
  • WiFi connection problem,
  • Bluetooth connection issues,
  • Camera problem,
  • Charging Complaint,
  • Sensor complaints,
  • Mic not working,
  • Speaker not working,
  • Other software issues and so on.

All of these problems are solved by our service center. We provide better quality services than any other service center in Calicut at a customer-friendly cost. All Lenovo and Motorola Phone services are available even chip level services. We deal with all the IC problems and print missing issues. The latest glass changing technology for Lenovo and Motorola mobile phones are available too. This glass replacement would save you money by changing the main glass but not the display. So you would have the original display quality with newly replaced glass. If you have any doubts or questions about our services feel free to Contact us for more info.

Lenovo and Motorola Phone Services
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